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Ascension LibTip: Health Disparities

This list, prepared by the Ascension Florida and Gulf Coast Medical Librarian from other sources, is provided for information only. Referral to these sites does not imply the endorsement of Ascension Health of either the organization or their contents, expressed views, programs, or political activities. Further, Ascension does not endorse any commercial products that may be advertised or available from these organizations or on these websites. This list is not meant to be comprehensive; the exclusion of a site does not reflect the quality of that site. Please note that sites and URLs are subject to change without warning. MASH 10/11/2023

Ascension Health Diversity and Inclusion: ABIDE Framework

Ascension Health launched a framework for associates to listen, pray, learn, and act to address racism and systemic injustice. This website offers insights on how to listen, pray, learn, and act to address injustices.

American Hospital Association (AHA) - Institute for Diversity and Health Equity (IFDHE)

The IFDHE works closely with other health services organizations to advance health equity for all.  They also work to expand leadership opportunities for ethnic minorities in health management positions.

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ): National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Reports

This AHRQ website provides information on health disparities and includes the full-text of the National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Reports and Chartbooks.

American Medical Association (AMA) - Reducing Disparities in Health Care

This website provides information on the AMA's research and activities to eliminate health disparities, including the Health Disparities Toolkit and the white paper on Collecting and using race, ethnicity and language data in ambulatory settings.

Hastings Center - Undocumented Patients

This site provides information to help address the health care needs of the 11 million undocumented residents of the United States.

Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF)

Disparities in Health and Health Care: 5 Key Questions and Answers

This 2021 paper offers answers on 5 questions on disparities in health care, including: What are health and health care disparities?; How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected disparities?; and What are current federal efforts to address health disparities?

Racial Equity and Health Policy

Provides information on KFF's research into racial equity and and health policy including information on vaccines, access to health insurance and so much more.

Intercultural Cancer Council (ICC)

The ICC works to eliminate cancer disparities among racial and ethnic minorities and medically underserved populations. The website includes fact sheets on cancer and various minority groups.

National Health Care for the Homeless Council (NHCHC)

The NHCHC works to improve the health of homeless people. The website has information on the organization's publications, policy, and advocacy. There are also links to information on understanding homelessness, clinical practice issues, and medical respite/recuperative care.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) - Minority Health and Health Equity

This website includes reports and publications on health disparities, links to minority health resources, and information and statistics on racial and ethnic minority populations.

Office of Minority Health (OMH)

The OMH works to improve the health of racial and ethnic minority populations and to eliminate health disparities. The website includes links to resources on ethnic groups, publications, campaigns and initiatives, and more.

- National Institutes of Health (NIH)

-- Fogarty International Center (FIC)

FIC promotes and supports scientific research and training internationally to reduce disparities in global health.

-- National Cancer Institute (NCI) - Center to Reduce Cancer Health Disparities (CRCHD)

The CRCHD conducts research to reduce cancer-related health disparities. The web site includes information on initiatives, research, and diversity training programs. It also includes cancer disparities information for researchers and patients.

-- National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities (NIMHD)

The NIMHD promotes minority health and leads the NIH effort to reduce and eliminate health disparities. It includes links to information on NIH health disparities programs and research.

- National Library of Medicine (NLM)

-- MedlinePlus - Health Disparities

From the National Library of Medicine, this site includes information on health disparities, including statistics and research, and links to other pages on health in specific population groups.

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs - Center for Health Equity Research and Promotion (CHERP)

CHERP was created by the US Department of Veterans Affairs to reduce disparities in health care among veterans and other populations. The site includes research and publications on health disparities.

W. Montague Cobb National Medical Association (NMA) Health Institute

The National Medical Association's Cobb Institute was established to develop, evaluation, and implement strategies to promote wellness and eliminate health disparities and racism in medicine. The website has information on publications, research opportunities, and initiatives.